September 4, 2014

Lost Beagle… Matilda..

Matilda my Beagle *****, mainly tan and white, went missing last night, Wednesday 3rd September 2014, about 10pm.
She escaped from my home address, Shelley Grove, by Meols Cop Train Station
She has a collar and she is chipped.

My name is Terry and my mobile is 07803 171120, email address


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July 11, 2014

Pigeon wants to go home – says his name is ET!!

This pigeon has visited our garden in Abington Drive, Banks for last few days. It is obviously a loft bird and is used to human contact. It is very healthy and is mucking n with the other wild birds who visit our garden for food.
I am posting a couple of photos as someone may recognise it, particularly the identification tags on his legs.

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June 4, 2014

Anyone lost a dog?

What I assume is a xbreed. Sort of a cross between greyhound/whippet and a jack russell. White with patches of brown and a limp running down Grange Road into Marsden Road then climbing the steps and turning left heading down Hawkshead St bridge. Crossed Tithebarn Rd and was last seen heading still down Hawkshead St in the direction of Lathoms bakery on Oak St. Looked an older dog.

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